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Managing a Project effectively requires skill, experience and the knowledge to understand and anticipate what to do in the (almost) inevitable event that something unexpected happens or changes. Project assurance provides that additional layer of reassurance and tools to maximise your chance of success. Assurance can occur at any point during the project lifecycle but would typically incorporate some of the following activities:

  • Set up for success review / project readiness check

  • Project Health Check / in-flight review

  • Post-Implementation Review

The Purpose of these reviews is to take a step back and carry out an independent review of how prepared you are, how well you are travelling or derive some lessons for future initiatives. Using a combination of documentation review, project and customer interviews and best practice tests using the P3M3 framework I can come in at any time and provide the necessary independent insights to ensure that you maximise your successes both on current and future initiatives.

Project Assurance

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